Five Ways to Really Motivate Teachers


Future of a country greatly lies in the hands of teachers and they leave no stones unturned to lead us to the path of prosperity. Despite all these, Governments find themselves in a tight corner when it comes to addressing their concerns. Be it remuneration or other facilities, they are deprived of what actually they deserve. We should do everything in our capacity to keep our teachers motivated and joyful. Here are five ways to keep educators happy and motivated.

Nurture greatness

If anyone can appreciate a commitment to lifelong learning, it is a teacher. Teachers also understand that different learners have different needs, and that every year researchers find new, tested ways to meet them. That is precisely what makes ongoing professional development so valuable. By giving teachers new ways to reach more kids, you can remind them why they entered this field to begin with. Consider investing in seminars presenting new education technologies or pedagogical theories, like kinesthetic or project-based learning.

Give them space

Running a classroom of squirrely children convincing them that yes, they do have to stay seated and no, they may not use their pencils that way is no mean feat.

When it comes to developing their own lesson plans, however, districts often give them very little room to breathe. Most teachers do need to cling to a set curricula most of the time, but giving them a little wiggle room can motivate them to excel. According to Education Week, educators who regain some control over their work perform better, improving student outcomes.

Respect them

The language we use to connect with others can either nurture or bugger up our relationships with them, teachers are mindful of this fact so they always do pleasant and meaningful conversations with students. The same goes for administrators who want to connect with teachers. It is prudent to use respectful, positive language at all times, and really listen to their concerns and observations. Do this not because you want to present yourself in a certain way, but because you know that teachers are professionals, too, and that for them, teaching is as much a lifestyle as it is a job.

Give them the tools to succeed

If teachers want to find new ways to reach all different types of learners, they need well stocked supply closets and realistic student-to-teacher ratios. They need materials that can appeal to tactile, auditory and visual learners, and time to evaluate and work with each child. Let's face it: Many districts simply do not have the resources to accomplish these goals -- but you can still advocate for your teachers, or find creative solutions to help minimize the gaps. Anything -- even a healthy dose of empathy -- is better than nothing.

Pay them what they deserve

A research reveals that teachers want to be paid what they deserve – no more, no less. As compared to similarly educated professionals in other fields, they earn less which is a same when one considers how important their work really is for our future economy.

Increasing base salaries is an unarguably challenging feat that calls for widespread reform, but the fact remains: If you want good teachers to continue giving their all, make sure they can afford to do so.

Supporting and motivating educators is the need of the hour as responsibility to shape the future of country lies on their shoulders. It is vitally important to make sure that all the factors that are stopping them to give optimal performance should be weeded out. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here