Book Review- Genesis


The article is a book review of "Genesis" by Adam Wilson. It is an elucidation of life from inception to the end.

Imagine your Book of Life being placed before you on a desk. The opening paragraph tells of your birth. The final paragraph of the final chapter details exactly how, when, and where you’ll die. All relevant aspects of your family, love life, health, and career are set out within the chapters; everything significant about your time on Earth. There are only two options: either you read the whole book from cover to cover, or you set the book on fire without reading a single word.
Joe believes such a book could never exist. But he also believes that breaking a mirror is unlucky. Join him on his whirlwind adventure through London, unearthing clues and solving riddles as he strives to discover the truth.
The truth is out there.
Break the mirror.
The revelation will come . . . eventually.

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