Get to know the science that runs our universe


In his book “The Cosmic Machine: The Science That Runs Our Universe and the Story Behind It” Scott Bembenek beautifully narrated the tale of how our universe is formed.

Our universe is formed of Energy, Entropy, Atoms, and Quantum Mechanics. But how do they govern the world we live in? Who were the key players that struggled to shape our current understanding? What was the difficult path to their discovery?

The Cosmic Machine attempts to answer these earliest scientific inquiries in human history and explains how scientific discoveries shaped the world as we know it today. Scientists and their significant contributions are also talked about in detail.

With its unique blend of science, biographies, and history, The Cosmic Machine provides an easily accessible account without sacrificing the actual science itself. Not only will this book engage, entertain and enlighten you, it will incite your passion and curiosity for the world around us.

The writer has put forward the abstruse concepts of how our universe came into being into an easily comprehensible way. So you can start reading the book from any chapter and boredom will never strike. All you need to be is inquisitive enough and this book will answer all your queries. Oftentimes while reading the book, you will feel like you are reading a story without getting bogged down in too much of scientific explanations.

Universe intrigues everybody alike as this is a human nature to probe into the things that he is unaware of. The book also attempts to make complex science concepts and application palatable to non-science students. So this book will certainly interest you even if you are not remotely connected to science.

Science instills faith in our heart that however tough it may appear, science can explain and provide solutions to the puzzles we are encircled with. If a pinch of literature is added to science, it is generally applauded by the readers..

The book “The Cosmic Machine: The Science That Runs Our Universe and the Story Behind It” is a must-read book for you if Universe fascinates you.