How teachers are rated in different countries around the world?


A research examining attitudes to teachers around the world reveals that teachers in China earn the greatest respect from people in their country. It was the only country where teachers are considered as important as doctors and other professionals. In the case of the US, Brazil, France, and Turkey, librarians earn the highest respect. You will be amazed to know that command that a social worker commands in many countries are unrivaled.

The US and the UK found a place in the middle of Global Teacher Status Index and were beaten by Turkey, South Korea, Greece and Egypt which all valued their teachers more than any Anglo Saxon Country or European. Disheartening to know that Israel was at the bottom of the index which was based on a survey of 21 countries.

Dr. Oscar Marcenaro-Gutierrez made the first comprehensive attempt to compare the status of teachers across the world. In each country, 1000 people are asked about teacher’s salary and their willingness to encourage their own kids to become a teacher.

We have pulled out some of the most interesting findings which are mentioned below.

  • The status of head teachers is higher in the UK than in any of the countries polled.
  • In China, South Korea, Egypt and Turkey children are encouraged the most to become teachers. Whereas in Israel, Brazil, Portugal, and Japan children are least likely to receive encouragement from their parents to become a teacher. The UK scored in the middle.
  • The UK is at $33,377. South Korea, USA, Germany and Japan are all above $40,000. Teacher salaries are at their highest in Singapore, with an average of $45,755.
  • A higher salary for teachers is supported by people in 95% of the countries polled. However, France, Japan, and US gauge that teacher pay is between 6% and 55% higher than is considered fair.
  • As compared to Asia and the Middle East, across Europe there are higher levels of pessimism on students respect for teachers. As compared to an average of 27% per country, in China 75% of respondents believe that students respect teachers.

Chinese people respect their teachers the most, no wonder China is making progress in all sectors by leaps and bounds. Be it research, arts, or any other field, China is excelling everywhere and astounding the world with the tempo of its progress. Simply, Chinese people ascribe their success to their teachers who are leaving no stones unturned to arm their students with unbeatable skills.

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