Irresistible Habits of Scrolling, Clicking & Watching


We are in an age where our world is filled with addictive experiences, from social media and messaging to rolling news and video streaming.

Behavioral Changes

Etymologically speaking, to be addicted is to be a slave, and behavioral addiction is “a deep attachment to an experience that is harmful and difficult to do without”. But it’s essential to know the basic consequences of these addictions. Many often, camps and workshops are hosted by police officers these days, and they explained the role of something called, “Child Exploitation and Online Protection.” Because children’s are the easiest target of online exploitation.

Side Effects

Childhood has changed in this age of technology for sure and it cannot go to the flashback once again. As technological inventions become our daily habits. Part of our life. The art which was coming out of little hands, games of golden ages and many more things are faded from the memories, everything has been DONE. It’s more or less transforming into a gadget which is using another gadget. Life’s precious lessons are waiting to be learned lively and everybody’s busy on their smartphones.


Some scholars like, Adam Alter, who are working on these issues thoroughly providing few very interesting observations that neither Steve Jobs of Apple nor Evan Williams of Twitter has allowed their children to play with touch screens. The typical user checked their phone 39 times in 24 hours. A massive number it is.


Definitely, with these tools life is more convenient than ever. But convenience has its own scissors with it. Slowly cutting us towards temptations. Most of us have seen families out for a meal ignoring one another while each strokes a screen; a decade from now they may all be wearing headsets. Having all in mind big shots like Facebook is spending $2bn for Oculus and VR and is investing heavily in its applications. Sharp market strategies are working behind it and people are just following the path without knowing the business game.

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