Is teaching becoming more dangerous? Be aware of the [dangers] you face as a teacher


Over the past few years, assault on teachers is rising which puts the question on the safety of teachers. You may see oodles of videos posted online where teachers are getting hurt when fights between students break out.

You will be baffled to note that even developed world teachers are the victims. One such incident in Atlanta kicked off a debate over teachers’ safety. Following that incident, 11Alive pulled stats to ascertain how many students were disciplined for disorderly conduct. However, there is a phenomenal rise in the level of interests shown by different authority figures across the world, still, incidents of assault on teachers did not stop completely.

According to data from the CDC, nearly eight percent of students reported being in a physical fight on school property during 2015.

According to National Centre for Education statistics lot of school teachers reported being threatened with injury by a student from their school at least once in a year and this is on a rising trend. The most common types of violence directed towards teachers include:

  • Verbal harassment - derogatory comments by the students and parents
  • Physical harassment - students or parents engaging in some kind of physical touch or violence
  • Theft of teacher's personal property
  • Damage school or demonstration in school.

It is important to note that students are not alone in subjecting teachers to violence. Surprisingly, a growing number of parents seem to be cause for concern as well.

If 100% security for teachers is not assured, people might find themselves in a tight corner when it comes to embracing teaching as a profession.