Music Creates A New You (Essential for Learning)


Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato had said this and definitely, we all love music.

Who don’t? Having said that, we all want these generous tools in our learning process. So that we can learn and not getting bored with that typical academic system. But do we know that it can bring the entire chain of self-doubts and complexities to the level of normality. Music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Let’s come together to engage ourselves in music and education all along.

  • Music is Physical: Doctors say that, even if you excel academically, you're only using one side of your brain. Playing the piano trains the other side so that your whole brain can be developed.
  • Music is Emotional: Music not only trains the brain but simultaneously it settles up all the behavioral and emotional abnormalities. Music is something which is beyond the bars of language. Just because of it people listen and enjoy the melody part first.
  • Music is for life: You hardly ever hear about someone being discovered at an “old” age. But we listen to music in all ages. This is a creative process, which forms after imagination. Every child has some thoughts and experiences, they evolve by the time and all this stuff relate their process of actions directly or indirectly. When you engage yourself with music it’ll bring the abstract from you. Age is then just a number and you grow once again in form of tunes and probably highly forgettable experiences.
  • Music is Universal: Nobody restricts themselves to listening music by age, caste, ethnicity, race or any basis of that sort. So, on that note, we can say music bring us closer whatever our nationalities are. We can learn a lot about different culture, histories and social relations from music. Music certainly isn’t a universal language in the sense that you could use it to express any thought to any person on the planet. But music does have the power to evoke deep primal feelings at the core of the shared human experience.

In each person, any sort of music will evoke a different response. Music does not translate, narrate, and tell stories. It evokes the inner connection in you somewhere deep inside. Which formulates sometimes into greater learning experiences and innovative or so to say advanced ideas emerged. Music just breaks all the structured formations and create a new you.

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