Pakistan Educational Institutes Needs to get the better of Drug Menace


Today drug addiction is one of the pervasive problems almost all the countries of the world are wrestling with including Pakistan. Pakistan educational institutes need to get the better of drug menace as soon as possible.

Such addiction, abuse, and trafficking have devastating effects especially among the youth and young people as they are the most vulnerable on hard drugs and this brings a lot of adverse effects on the entire community.

If an NGO report is to be believed, in October 2016, almost 53 percent students and young children at various schools across Islamabad, are found succumbed to the menace of drugs ranging from soft to hard. Most of these children belong to higher echelons of society where affordability is barely an issue.

The Senate standing committee on narcotics control expressed serious concern over this report. Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) made a series of arrest of the gang leaders involved in supplying drugs to students in Islamabad which is indeed a worth-mentioning achievement to curb this menace.

However, schools or institutions did not seem to be proactive or took noticeable actions to prevent such heinous crime. In a shocking incident, wherein a Lahore student died due to the overdose of drugs at an elite institution in Lahore not only schools but also administration came into motion and realized how grave and alarming the situation was.

It is now apparent that the issue is not confined to Islamabad but has spread across cities of Pakistan. The government has dedicated a team of counselors who visit schools and universities in all provinces, including Islamabad. They are trying to dig deep into the problem and involving students to frankly discuss their career issues and problems related to their education and social life which are browning them off. Counselors are putting strenuous efforts to resolve the problems they are facing and making them successful and responsible citizens.

Studies revealed that anti-depressant and even drugs were making their way into the educational institutions and used by students to heal the source of stress, anxiety, and boredom. Drugs usage were especially rampant in the institutions were learning environment and challenges are set at optimum levels.

The article “Drugs Menace in Pakistan Schools and Universities Needs to be Rooted Out” clearly reveals that Pakistani youths are in the firm grip of the drugs.