Problems for Teachers That Pares down Their Overall Effectiveness


Certainly, you would have noticed that people do not consider teaching as a difficult profession. There are more problems than you would have ever imagined, a teacher is surrounded with. That being said, not everyone should avoid being a teacher. Adopting teaching as a career also has substantial benefits and rewards. This a well-established fact that every job has its own unique set of challenges. Teaching is no different. These problems sometimes make it feel as if you are constantly fighting an uphill battle.

However, teaching can be made a bit easier if below-mentioned problems are resolved.

Increased Curriculum Responsibility

Earlier teachers were supposed to teach the basics including arithmetic, reading, and writing. Over the last century, those responsibilities have significantly stepped up. It seems that now every year new set of responsibilities are added to teacher’s duty. Unfortunately even the developed nation teachers are coping up with this issue and American author Jamie Vollmer describes this phenomenon as “ever-increasing burden on America’s public schools”.

Lack of Parental Support

Any teacher will be easily frustrated to notice that parents are not contributing their part in educating their children. Having parental support is invaluable, and lack of it can be crippling. Parents who spend noticeable time with their kids ward off scores of issues that come in the way of their education and the efforts they put in to enhance their child productivity is clearly reflected in the class.

Research reveals that parents who make education a high priority and consistently involved with their kids will be more successful academically. Even best teachers cannot do it on their own and it requires the involvement of teachers, students, and parents.

Lack of Proper Funding

School finance significantly impacts a teacher’s ability to augment his effectiveness. Funding has a bearing on a lot of factors that include:

• Instructional curriculum

• Technology

• Class size

• Supplement Curriculum

• Instructional Programs

However it is quite understandable for teachers that these factors are out of their control, but it does not make it any less frustrating.

Poor Public Perception

Unlike earlier days when teachers were deemed to be highly revered and rewarded for the service they provide to the society, media typically focuses on the negative stories dealing with teachers.

If the above-motioned factors are somehow mended in favor of teachers, education sector will see the revolutionary changes in no time.

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