Teacher Education: The Need of The Hour


Teacher education is the need of the hour and the only way to ensure student’s bright future.

It is an established fact that the quality and extent of learner achievement are determined primarily by sensitivity, teacher competence, and teacher motivation. In the words of “The National Council for Teacher Education,” teacher education is a programme of research, education, and training of persons to teach from pre-primary to higher education level. Teachers education aims at enhancing teachers proficiency and competence that would empower the teacher to face the challenges and meet the requirements of the profession. Teaching education refers to a set of all formal and non-formal activities and experiences that assist to qualify a person to assume responsibilities of a member of the educational profession or to discharge his responsibilities efficaciously.

Teaching skills would embrace providing training and practice in the different strategies, techniques, and approaches that would assist teachers to provide appropriate reinforcement, plan and impart instruction and conduct effective assessment. It includes preparation and use of instructional materials, effective classroom management skills and communication skills. Pedagogical theory includes the sociological, philosophical and psychological considerations that would enable the teachers to gain a sound basis for practicing the teaching skills in the classroom. The theory is stage specific and is modeled upon the needs and requirements that are characteristic of that stage. Professional skills include the techniques, strategies, and approaches that would help teachers to make a mark in the profession. It includes counseling skills, soft skills, computer skills, information retrieving and management skills, computer skills and above all lifelong learning skills. A perfect blend of pedagogical theory, teaching skills, and professional skills would serve to create the right attitude, knowledge, and skills in teachers, thus fostering holistic development.

Nature of Teacher Education

1 Teacher education is a continuous process and its pre-service and in-service components, both compliment each other. It can be considered in three phases:

• Pre-service

• Induction

• In-service

The three services are considered as parts of a continuous process.

2 In contrary to the assumption that teachers are born not made, teacher education is based on the theory that teachers are made and not born. Since teaching is considered an art and a science, the teacher has to gain not only the knowledge but also skills that are called – tricks of the trade.

3 Teacher education is broad and comprehensive. In addition to preserving and in-service programmes or teachers, it is meant to be involved in various community programs and extensions viz literacy and development activities of the society, adult education and non-formal education programmes.

4 It is dynamic and ever-evolving. In order to prepare teachers who are confident as well as competent to face the challenges of the dynamic society, Teacher education has to keep abreast of trends and recent developments.

5 Like other professional education programmes, the teacher education curriculum has a knowledge base which is sensitive to the needs of the field applications and embraces conceptual, meaningful blending of theoretical understanding available in several cognate disciplines.

6 It is a system that involves an interdependence of its processes, inputs, and outputs.

8 Teacher education consists of stage-specific programmes.This suggests that the knowledge base is diversified across stages and adequately specialized, which should be put to use for developing effective processes of preparing entrant teachers for the functions which a teacher is expected to perform at each stage.


The quality of a nation largely depends on the quality of its citizen. The quality of its citizens is determined by the quality of education they receive. Having said that, there are other factors also that build the character and enhance the knowledge of a person but quality education infuses a lot of praiseworthy attributes in a person which is not possible otherwise. A common characteristic among people of all developed nations is that they all have received basic education and they can swimmingly employ it to foster the growth of their nation.

It is obvious that without good teachers, plans to impart quality education will bite the dust and people due to the dearth of real knowledge will be low in confidence. So it is imperative for teachers to constantly hone their skills and stamp out traces of wrongful knowledge at the first encounter. With such mindset, educators also turn into knowledge seeker and buttress their skill-set every day.

Many teachers in the developing nations harbor this notion in their mind that getting a degree or passing an examination qualify them to be a good teacher. Consequently, they stop putting efforts to augment their knowledge and pass on the same knowledge year after year to students without sizing up its relevancy in the contemporary time. Under such circumstances, students learn phased-out concepts and fail to keep themselves abreast of the requirements of the changing world.

Amidst dwindling hopes, teacher education suggests ways to overcome teaching-related flaws, garner knowledge and update skills with great finesse. Without obliterating your own lack of knowledge, you can not show light to your students.

A government should also take a slew of initiatives to give training to teachers (especially in developing nations). However such training programs can just catalyze your growth but your fervent desire to give your best to your students and society at large will eventually spur your learning process.

Teacher education starts with a teacher’s keen probe of their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Then only, they feel the need to educate themselves further. With such mindset they set about doing anything in their capacity to garner knowledge – be it attending training sessions organized by the government, enrolling in some course or alike initiatives. This is how they remove all the blockades on their way to success.

Without understanding the need for “Teacher Education”, wanting children to give outstanding results is utter folly. Only teachers with innovative ideas and spectacular skills can give bright future to students.