Teaching Students To Be Savvy Pedestrians A Necessity


Teaching students to be Savvy Pedestrians

Two local agencies are striving to make walking to school a safer venture for the students. The two agencies aim at teaching students to be savvy pedestrians.

Mandy Fultz, the coordinator for the local chapter of Safe Kids said that kids getting hurt while crossing pathways have increased and hence it has become necessary that the kids know how to cross roads safely as well as to use a crosswalk.

A city initiative, Vision Zero was started in order to enhance vehicle and pedestrian safety on roadways. The Representatives of Safe kids San Antonio along with the Vision zero initiative combinedly went to 18 campuses of various schools to teach safety rules so as the children reach school safely.

The kids were taught to look left, right and again left before crossing the road. Moreover, the students were told to make an eye contact with the driver and also to look for ways, which the Safe Kids call “the second line of edge or the second line of traffic.

Walking-to-school students were taught to wear gear and wear light-colored clothing and an additional flashlight. Vision zero, as well as the Safe Kids San Antonio, plan to examine more school campuses so as to ensure the safety of students. Schools can call the injury prevention line at University Hospital System at 210-358-4295.

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