Top 10 Websites for Teachers


Beyond Teaching is presenting top most searched websites for educators. We've reviewed many blogs out of which these 10 are having an immense amount of content on innovative teaching methodologies, creative strategies, personal experiences of teachers, their views and reflections on education's current news. If you want to evolve yourself as a teacher, we suggest that you must go to these websites and check out their stuff. We recommend that you should also read stories of some exceptionally brilliant teachers and read about them here.


Having divided sections for kids, tweens and young adults Scholastic covers all the age groups and provide related information and material accordingly. They have an incredible stock for educators.

Teach HUB

Share some tips on new technologies to encapsulate updated information on learning strategies. They also provide k-12 news, lessons and share resources created by teachers and shared with teachers. Technology, teaching strategies, and classroom management – this blog got these all covered.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan. The website provides a lot of study material for learners, teachers, and parents. The organization produces short lectures in the form of Youtube videos.


Material related to new teachers, beginners in this vast land of knowledge is available here. How grading system works and how teachers should deal with special cases of students, like to support students with dysgraphia, they also look into these matters.

Library Stuff

The library weblog dedicated to resources for keeping current and professional development. Be in the loop with the latest updates on education by subscribing to this personal teacher website.

edtech teachers

Ranked #1 by Google for history websites. They provide quick, convenient, and reliable access to the best history-oriented resources online in a wide range of categories and has been designed to benefit history teachers and their students.

Beyond Teaching

This website is creating a platform for students, researchers, and teachers. Not only they provide a varied amount of content for them, in fact, they also update latest news, technologies and innovative ideas for learning and teaching as well.

Discovery Education

It is one of the global leaders in digital content for K-12, transforming teaching and learning with award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, professional development, and the largest professional learning community of its kind.

Teachers of Tomorrow

It’s a group of like-minded people who are ready to be a part of an educator’s community. They engage people who believe in the potential of every student. Then they write and share their experiences. Through which new learners can get an insight of that particular method.

This Week in Education

An all-in-one education blog that compiles teaching resources and tools, strategies and ideas, fun student activities, good books and authors, and hot educational news in a single setting. The website put different topics and elaborate them carefully so that readers can understand those issues completely.

Simply Googling an answer does not provide students with true, deep learning. And while most students understand how to use a search engine, it is up to teachers to provide students with the additional skills to bring the answers to the next level. Now they need to accelerate themselves and find out the newest ways of attaining knowledge. Being a good digital citizen means understanding and applying appropriate and responsible uses of internet and technology.

While students may be adept at using digital tools, their understanding of what these tools can do is often limited.

For example, students use Instagram to post photos but don’t think to use the platform for art or history projects. They record themselves with a voice memo app but do not realize those apps could also be used for journalism projects or a historical narrative piece. Digitally literate teachers know how to inspire students to use today's technology as a powerful toolset to expand their learning opportunities.

Digitally literate teachers also understand that it is less about the technology itself than it is about the tailored experience the technology can provide to each student. This is what drives differentiation and can make it powerful and highly targeted to students' individual needs. Teachers often receive mandates from administrations to use a particular technology product or app even though it doesn’t make sense for their students. Good teachers know how their students engage and learn and can use that knowledge to push for technology that will unlock new teaching potential. This makes digitally literate teachers great advocates for the appropriate technologies. Digital Literacy is something which has shifted its place in a blink of an eye. By this time it is essential for teachers to work on these aspects from where they can take their career on a new journey. Hopefully, the above list will help you out in this matter. Read more for other updates on classroom teaching and related stuff from BEYOND TEACHING