Top 5 Health Hazards of Being a Teacher | Beyond Teaching


When somebody asks you to name the safest profession that one can take up, teaching would be your answer, isn’t it? It involves a hygienic and clean environment, has fixed hours of work, requires minimal travel and a very little physical strain. All the same, the profession is not totally free from work-related trauma and illnesses. Many health hazards troubling teachers seem to be originating from:

  • Closed spaces of classrooms
  • Their manner of working
  • The amount of mental pressure sustained by them.

It is always better to be wary than be sorry, below is the list of few pervasive health hazards that plague teachers.

Voice Disorders

In order to ensure that students can hear teacher’s instructions and lessons correctly, a teacher has to make extensive use of his voice. This puts a lot of strain on their voice. In America, 47% of teachers suffer from voice-related problems.

Speech and Language Disorder

However, it looks similar to a voice disorder, Speech and Language Disorder (or SLD) is entirely a different problem. While voice disorders include laryngeal cancer and respiratory infections, SLD makes a person unable to remember the correct phrase or word to describe something. Despite SLD being a common health hazard among teachers, an accurate reason for its occurrence is yet to be found.

Viral Diseases

When you are around a roomful of people every day, you are likely to catch diseases, especially contagious ones. You are vulnerable to so many diseases in classroom ranging from chicken pox to common cold. Female teachers are more likely to contract bronchitis, eczema/dementia, and varicose veins while the male teachers catch conjunctivitis and lower urinary tract infection.

Stress issues

A teacher not only instructs students but also shape their future. In this respect, teachers must not only teach but also to inspire and motivate. This is how teachers expose themselves to a very stressful situation on a daily basis. Excessive levels of stress have been known to cause a wide range of health hazards in teachers that include panic attacks, headaches, depression etc.


Both in developed and developing nations, sad and unfortunate instances of violence takes place. In America alone, around 7% of the teachers are threatened with injury on an annual basis, with female teachers receiving twice as many threats as their male counterparts. In 2007, 6% of the surveyed students in the United States made a clean breast of carrying knives, guns, and other dangerous items during the period of the survey.

In a nutshell, health hazards of being a teacher are myriad which is often either not noticed or ignored by people. While making after your dreams to become a teacher, always consider the health risks you are subjected to. Click the link below to gain further insights on becoming a teacher. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here