Train Company Decides To Run To A Station Where a Single Teenager Boards the Train


A train company has diurnally been stopping at a distant station Kami-Shirataki in Japan to pick up just one passenger. The trains stop every day at Kami Shrataki station to drop Kana to school and to drop her back home.

Despite Kana being the only passenger to use the Kami-Shrataki station, the trains routinely picked her up at 7:04 every morning. A train reached Kami Shrataki station twice in a day to ensure Kana could reach her school and home timely. Kana took the train at 7:04 in the morning and at 5:08 in the evening to reach back home.

The company was acclaimed for its commitment towards its customers. The company reconsidered its decision of shutting down the train station since it remained unused due to its remote location.

After discovering that the girl used the train every day to reach her school, after which the company decided to remain in function until the Kana graduated.