UGC tells Universities to set up 'Intellectual Property centres' and 'Innovation labs'


The UGC has asked all universities and higher educational institutions to set up 'Intellectual Property centres' and 'Innovation labs' to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

"The start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs from across the country have appreciably applied their creativity to address social issues.

"However, it is further needed that a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship must be promoted as there is is no dearth of grassroots level innovations in the country and efforts must be made to facilitate their growth," the University Grants Commission (UGC) said in a letter to universities.

Setting up Intellectual Property Centres at universities, establishing innovation labs, setting up entrepreneurship cells and adding entrepreneurship into curriculum are among the activities prescribed by UGC. It has also asked universities to encourage organisation of boot camps, mentoring and investor sessions and holding entrepreneurship focussed events at colleges where successful entrepreneurs be invited to interact with students.

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