UK Teachers to be Given Self-Defence Lessons


In the UK, teachers are in a hapless condition wherein some of their own pupil emerge as a threat to them. They will be taught ways to defuse threatening people and techniques to restrain violent pupils safely. The training aims at protecting teachers reduce the burgeoning number of staff accused of assaulting pupils.

Teachers from primary, secondary and special schools will receive training and pass them onto colleagues. Schools in Mid Wales, Powys will be the first to try out the special training. In association with the Professional Association of Teachers, the council’s education department has to develop this programme.

Initially, some local teachers are the first to receive five months of specialist training as instructors. However, teachers all across the UK are will be imparted the training. The major thrust of the training is to defuse situations that may be threatening. First and foremost, it is a skill-building and put to use some very simple physical restraints if such unpleasant situation occurs. However, the entire training revolves around defusing the unpleasant situations and circumstances.

Mike Barker, the council’s director of education, also decided to participate in this pioneering scheme as he believes that it would complement their behavior management training and not as they had a problem with violent pupils.

However, a spokesman from the department of education has asserted that there were already clear guidelines for teachers to deal with disruptive teachers. False accusations of assault have already buggered up the careers of many teachers. But there is no denying to the fact that incidents of assault on teachers have increased over the years and increasing demand for a proper was long felt among the teachers of UK. But it is really a horrific situation where a teacher has to seek a training to defend himself against his own pupils.

Rising incidents of assault on teachers simply indicate that in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world students are quick on garnering skills which will make them invincible in the professional world but they are missing on the ethical and moral values which are utmost essential to lead a tranquil and serene life. Also it is a matter of debate why exactly students are lured to commit such crimes. The responsibility to inculcate value-based education also lies on the able shoulders of teachers so if students are failing, in a way teachers are failing too. Click on the link below to discover self-defense tips. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here