Video Gaming Skills Changing The Face of 21st Century’s Teaching


Video games are impacting upon the teaching skills of the 21st century. At the New York inner City school, the teaching techniques have taken a leap. A non-profit organization called Games for change have created a curriculum activity which covers the learning of an entire semester shriveled in a single activity.

The primary idea of the curriculum is for students to create a video game. The creation of the video game would include skills like coding, basic knowledge about games and a hint of graphic designing. These are rather basic computer skills. However, the students were more creative and innovative than that. The curriculum necessitated them to apply themes of their choice to the various games. The students with the help of an expert of their choice and with thorough research around the theme of the game were supposed to come up with the concept of the game.

The essential traits to complete the task involved skills like research on a subject, connect to veterans and develop an agenda, coordinate with colleagues and think critically to create a challenging game.

When asked to the students about their perspective about the activity, they were very happy about creating the video while learning coding and several other skills at the same time. This activity hones the critical thinking and problem-solving ability of the students. Moreover, the students were enthusiastic to be a part of the change in the process of education.

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