What Type of Student You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


It’s not easy to understand why we are the way we are. Why do some people appear to be natural geniuses while some of them can do a simple calculation without a calculator? Scientists coin different theories to explain the fact but let’s just blame some of it on our Zodiac sign.

It does not require to have an unshakable faith in astrology to learn a bit about what type of student you are by the characteristics of your zodiac sign.

1 Aquarius // Creative Cathy

They are creative and innovative people and always keep thinking how a task can be completed in a best possible way. All the same, they are so particular that start feeling dejected when things do not go their exact way.

2 Pisces // The Perfectionist

Pisceans search for perfectionism in everything. They never hesitate going extra miles to get the task completed in a best possible manner. They are not detail-oriented but feel stressed out even at trivial things.

3 Aries // The Leader of the Pack

You love to be noticed by your hard work and ward off anything coming on your way to becoming a leader. It would not come as a surprise if you were student president in high school and leader in all your classes.

4. Taurus // Hands-on Learner

Tauruses prefer not to learn through the book, instead, they learn better when what they wish to learn is right in front of them. They often land in jobs like chefs as they learn while they work.

5 Gemini // The Human Sponge

You are a quick learner and remember whatever you learn all your life. Barely, they can forget big details and also help other people learn who do not understand. They stick to their deep-rooted beliefs and become obsessive when they find something they really like.

6. Cancer // The Go-Getter

They always remain target-oriented and put strenuous efforts to get the job done. They are very persistent and never skip accomplishing their tasks even if they are sick.

7 Leo // The Helper

They are a good adviser and the information they provide can sometimes change your destiny. They soak up information very fast and know exactly what they are talking about. Teaching profession would be the best fit for Leo.

8 Virgo // Eyes on the Prize

You do whatever it takes to shape your future. You are very hard working but do not brag about your grades. They do not strive for anything but the best.

9. Libra // The Social Learner

You socialize a lot, love to ‘study’ in groups and despise doing schoolwork alone. Tossing new ideas and coming up with unbeatable plans are an integral part of your personality.

10. Scorpio // The Passionate Learner

‘Information-seeker’ is a word that best describes you. Being a passionate learner, you want to research about something a lot that interests you. You deem projects and homework as a necessity, not an option.

11. Sagittarius // The Explorer

You are an in-born wanderer and take trips to ancient monuments and artifacts around the world. They resemble Tauruses in that they are also hands-on learners and prefer to explore things around them.

12 Capricorn // The Genius

Your racing thoughts do not allow you to take enough sleep and rest. They are the leader in every group project and everybody is definitely okay with that.

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