Evolving Education with Kathy Mackins


Kathy Mackin, a language and arts teacher at Mahtomedi Middle School was conferred the title of Mahtomedi Teacher of the Year 2017-18. She says that teaching is a very rewarding as well as fulfilling job. Also it is a very physically, mentally and emotionally challenging job; hence every teacher be recognized for their hard work. She said that receiving the award at such a challenging time when she had been transitioning to teaching after three years of peer coaching was meaningful to her.

She also told that over the years she has constantly made an attempt to evolve her teaching techniques. She decide to make a switch from the traditional method of delivering information to a much dynamic approach of encouraging the students to question, discuss and collaborate with one another.

Kathy shares her write-ups with her students in order to encourage them to write. Moreover, she renders her students enough creative space so as to choose the desired topic they wish to write or read about. She prefers to have one on one discussion with the students so that she might learn more about the student’s life and help them make better decisions.

As she was felicitated with the “title of teacher of the year” she said, “It is very touching to know that my colleagues ‘in the trenches’ took the time to nominate me based on what they see me doing day to day and that a committee of teachers then read through my written responses to their questions regarding my experiences in education and selected me as this year’s teacher of the year”.

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