A Year of Free Tertiary Education to Australian Students in New Zealand Universities


The coming year seems to be a happy one for Australian students studying in New Zealand already. From 2018 onwards, the Australians studying in New Zealand will be entitled to a year of free tertiary education in New Zealand.

Under the legislation which will be introduced in 2018 by the Labour Government’s tertiary education policy, the first year of post-school education will be completely subsidized. The government also has a good mind to extend the subsidy to three years by 2024. The Australian students studying in New Zealand will also be able to avail the free-fees scheme.

The free-fees scheme is made available to the Australian students because they are treated the same as the domestic students of New Zealand. In fact, the New Zealand students studying in Australia are also treated as domestic students.

Although the prime minister of New Zealand Jacina Ardern said that he would withdraw the entitlements if Australia increases the fees for the students of New Zealand. It is anticipated that the Australian government might remove the subsidies provided to the students of New Zealand.

"If we do find that the reforms that have been proposed to come through and New Zealanders are unable to access domestic fee rates in Australia, then we will have a similar policy in New Zealand," said Jacina Arden