Benefits of Teaching online


One way or another online teaching is wooing teachers, subject matter experts, and professionals alike and they are rapidly becoming members of the online teaching community. Let’s dig into the reasons owing to which online teaching is catching on day by day among teaching fraternity.

1 24/7 access to class materials, online classroom etc. allows teachers to perform their teaching duties at their convenience.

2 Dismantling geographical barriers, an online teacher can conduct classes with students from across multiple time zones, without having to travel.

3 An online instructor, besides teaching, also beefs up their personal skills as they have access to online journals, business research and online or e-books.

4 Online instructors can attend faculty meetings online and have complete access to newsgroup. This keeps faculty on track with what’s new with the organization.

5 In the online environment, Online Faculty Lounges exist which help online teachers to informally chat, ask advice, allow venting and provide venting on a wide range of topics- such opportunities are not available for ground instructors.

6 Many universities extend a substantial tuition discount to their online instructors and facilitators which can be used to obtain an advanced or additional degree.

7 Lounges also play vital role to bring together teachers of like topics thereby enable them to fix course problems, share ideas and collaborate to provide new and improved courses.

8 As number of students enrolling in online courses increasing every year, anybody having knack for teaching can easily earn extra income.

9 As online classes engage students in discussion, a teacher can see immediately if the student does not understand the concept and elucidate all his doubts at the first encounter.

10 The work of an online instructor is exorbitantly simplified as many online institutions standardize the courseware for each class and post on a course website. Consequently, they can focus more on bringing practical experience to the class without getting bogged down in lesson plans and reading assignments.

11 Now online education industry has set about deeming teachers as employees, consequently, they are entitled to certain employee benefits.

In a nutshell, online teaching extends a plethora of benefits and buttresses teacher financially, personally and professionally which is why a number of educators in the cyber world is burgeoning every year. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here