Delhi University approves nine new courses


Nine new courses, including one on Disability Studies and Literary Representations, have been approved by a panel of the Delhi University on Wednesday.

A Standing Committee on Academic Matters approved the course on Disability Studies and Literary Representations that will be a part of masters course offered by the University's English Department, said Professor Hansraj Suman, academic council member.

The committee also approved the choice based credit system for MA courses. Suman mooted for the inclusion of views of Louis Braille and Helen Keller in the course and stressed that project work should be a part of the course.

There was discussion about ensuring the students get to do an internship under the course so that they can also get employment. The committee also recommended for inclusion of writing of Dr BR Ambedkar and usage of modern technologies and the necessity of an audio-visual lab for teaching purposes. These recommendations will be forwarded to the Academic Council.

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