DSJ students protest against 'inadequate' facilities


Scores of students of Delhi University's Delhi School Of Journalism protested here on Monday against the administration "for not providing adequate lab facilities" in the department.

Around 100 students gathered at the department and did not attend classes. They staged a protest at the main gate of the Delhi School Of Journalism (DSJ). Following the protest, police detained a student from the site, who was later released in the evening.

"We are demanding media lab facilities, photography and camera instruments, better faculty members and removal of present Officer on Special Duty (OSD) of the department," said Prashant Yadav, a DSJ student. He said despite paying a fee of Rs 67,500, they are not having basic amenities for studying media courses.

The protesting students said they will go on an indefinite hunger strike if their demands are not met by the authorities. A representative of the Delhi School Of Journalism claimed the students protested outside the office of the varsity's vice-chancellor, following which the police were called.

"We have assured the students they can facilities at the lab of School Of Open Learning but they are adamant. They broke the lock of the Journalism Department's classroom and are doing a sit-in," he added.

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