DU Academic Council member urges VC to disburse admission fee to colleges


A member of Delhi University's Academic Council has written to the vice-chancellor, urging him to immediately disburse the money collected from students during their admission to the respective colleges.

Professor Hansraj Suman, a DU professor, said in his letter that the money collected during admission of students is deposited online through the varsity portal and even the fee refund to students is done through it. "The money is disbursed to colleges after six months. The interest generated on the money goes to the varsity," he said in the letter.

A DU official said last year the system of the fees getting deposited to the varsity was started. He said it ensures students do not have to go to individual colleges to deposit fees and even if they have to withdraw admission from one college, the fee is refunded online.

In the letter, Suman urged the vice-chancellor to ensure that the admission fees is given directly to colleges so that they can decide where they want to spend the money at the beginning of the session.

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