Grants to be Allocated for Innovation in Teaching With Technology


The University of Iowa Academic Advisory council has a good mind to approve the proposals for Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards through Oct 16.

The intent of the Innovation in Teaching with Technology is to upgrade the standards of teaching as well as learning at the UI. It seeks to support the novel and innovative institutional technology project which has the potential to impact upon the success and retention of students.

The council earnestly initiates various institutions to emphasize on the use of collaborative learning strategies and the incorporation of emerging technologies for a more pragmatic teaching and learning.

The council promotes every idea which focusses on instruction with instruction with an important component of the technology. Moreover, the Council would prefer ideas which provided that when they are accomplished, can be replicated University wide.

The Council’s fundamental goal is to improve the instruction of undergraduates, although it is not a water-tight limitation. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here