How to prepare for the "Big Move" When Starting College


Moving away from home can be a daunting task. As you prepare for a new life away from home, it's better to plan ahead rather than scramble to get your things together days before. After all, it's not easy deciding what's going to fit in your new, shared and living space.

Moving into college is not without its challenges: Moving into a new town and a new place, changing schools, having to meet new people. But it's not without its opportunities for all of the same reasons.

Here are the main preparation aspects that have helped me stay on top of my move-in plans:

Don't over pack

By the time my family finished loading our van, we hardly had enough room to sit. Overpacking your luggage will drown you in problems. You might be troubling yourself in carrying the luggage. Journey from home to college will become stressful and irritating and there are chances that you lose some of your luggage in between, what if you forget the things in between? Therefore, you must carry enough items that are required for daily purpose in the luggage. Don't overpack!

Expect chaos

When we arrived at the college, it was hot, humid and hectic. Hundreds of people were moving in at the same time. The stairs and halls were jammed with people especially dads and brothers carrying boxes, bags and furniture. There was one elevator; it was faster to use the stairs.

Get creative

Your dorm room probably won't have much furniture in it. So check with the residence hall director to find out if it's a good idea to bring some of your own furniture. Ask what's provided, and what furniture you're allowed to bring. Still, it's likely your room will be too small to add much furniture.

One way to increase storage space is with stackable plastic crates. They're great for packing, and then for storing stuff in your room. You can stack'em up and make a little night stand to hold a lamp and alarm clock by the bed. You can also stack them in the closet to hold folded clothes.

Don't forget the little things

It's a good idea to make a list of all the miscellaneous things you'll want at college, and to shop for them before you leave home. On moving day, the Kmarts and Wal-Marts in your college town will be swamped with students trying to pick up last-minute items. Be sure you have all the necessities to beat those long lines.

When you're making a list of stuff to take, write down everything you think of. Nothing is too obvious because it's possible to forget anything.

Know the rules

When you're making your list of stuff to bring, it'll help to know what you can't bring. Ask the college for a list of what's allowed, and what's not allowed, in the dorms and under what conditions. (Some colleges, for example, don't allow any appliances that have to stay plugged in like a mini-refrigerator or microwave because of potential fire hazards.)

Check with your roommate

As you make your packing list, think about those items that you and your roommate can share, like a refrigerator, coffee maker, stereo system or television. You probably don't need two of these "space takers" in one small room. It's a good idea to find out in advance what your roommate is planning to bring, so you don't have too many repeat items.

Take Advantage of Orientation

Moving in to college has a lot of different components. You have to make sure that you feel at home, that you turn a barren dorm into a quiet, comforting space for you to rest, but you also have to make sure that you are happy at college. That your challenges aren't too big for you to overcome, and that you are at ease wherever you are on campus. The physical elements of moving somewhere new can be overwhelming, but the emotional elements can be just as difficult to tackle.

Manage you Time and Money

Time management is and key component as soon as you reach your college. Once you start your college life make sure you reach college on time and attend your classes regularly. Undoubtedly, it creates a good impression on other faculty members and classmates. Money management should go hand in hand with time. There are different kinds of students belonging to different social strata. Be friend with students who belong to your social status only. If you spend too much money in college life you may suffer from financial contraint later.

There will be many resources to help you with both. And you will not only manage to move into college, but you will thrive in college.

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