In an another spectacular victory, ATMC students develop Game App


After registering huge success in developing several apps, ATMC students Have developed an Android game called “Crush Me Hard”. It is fun game which tests the abilities of speed of the gamer while crushing the things on screen.

The game is engaging and have got great praises from early adopters and testers. In the game, a crusher will crush the objects on the ground, failing which the game will be over. It is point scoring game and will see multiple difficultly level and increasing difficulty as one progresses through the game.

When asked, students told us that the key thing about game is perspective, especially when you a developing a 3D game. It is the perspective of things you see builds initial interest and engages the users.

The game is developed on gaming platform called Unity, it helped students build a great UI and user experience. It looks simple and addictive and one shot with the game you would like to play the next session also.

Under the able guidance and stewardship of eminent educators, ATMC students always come up with innovative ideas and oftentimes dazzle with their creative acumen. Being one of the leading educational institute in Australia, the college keeps on engaging students in such projects. Such initiatives also aim to keep students abreast of the contemporary trends and changes in technology.Since the game is developed for a client, it will depend upon the client on how soon they will be see their product on App store. There are other benefits as well.

Gaming is an industry which pays well and with Gaming on Apps there is huge scope of the students finding a right job if they have the interest in building Apps. Australia is increasing becoming a country where some of the key start-ups are being born. There are multiple app based start-ups from Australia which have made a mark in the world and new ones are coming every second day.

Gaming also pays well, an average game developers gets a salary of $100,000-$200,000 after only a few years of work experience. It is a great career option too since the complexity of game development is very high and not even close to utility development. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here