Jamia Milia University ''Agrees'' to Appoint Turkish Teachers


The Jamia Millia Islamia University administration has accepted the students' demand to appoint Turkish teachers, even as the students claimed they got only a 'verbal assurance' from the varsity, officials said Saturday.

A spokesperson from the administration said they have accepted the demands of the students. The students have been sitting in protest against the absence of Turkish language teachers. On Friday, they had a meeting with the administration where they said the administration agreed with them on most of the issues. "Whatever administration is promising us is verbal. We don't trust the administration promises as we learnt a lesson with last interactions with administration," said a statement from the protesting students.

They demanded that the administration give them things in writing. "If administration is promising us why are they not giving it in written form. This shows their negative intention to stop the movement," the statement added. The students had demanded that the programme be shifted to the MMAJ academy of International Studies.

"We wanted Dr Mohsin Ali to teach in Turkish language programme as a teacher with no replacement. We also wanted a permanent recruitment of an Indian teacher so that we do not face delay in re-evaluation and rechecking," the statement said. The teachers recruited should be at least BA (Hons)/ MA Turkish /PhD in Turkish and should not only have advanced diploma degrees, the statement added.

A spokesperson from the administration said they have accepted the demands of students and two teachers will be joining from Monday. Meanwhile, the students alleged the administration was spreading rumours of only third-year students participating in the protest.

"Can they pin-point which third year students are part of the protest? They even said we are forcing women students to sit with us which is totally wrong information being spread by them," they added.

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