Michelle Garton Bags Gold At The Pearson Teaching Award


Michelle Garton, a teacher from Derby was conferred an award equalling to The Oscars for her sincerity and commitment to the teaching profession. She was honoured with the ‘Gold Plato’ at the Pearson Teaching Award. She teaches the Primary Academy in Alvaston.

The award was presented to her by the Casualty actor Ian Bleasdale at East Wintergarden in London. A spokesperson for Pearson Teaching Awards said that Wyndham Primary Academy has more than average percentage of children requiring special educational needs. He also told that it is through Michelle’s constant immersive and creative teaching that students are able to realize their full potential ensuing to the school’s enhanced results.

The aim of the Pearson Teaching Award is to recognize and celebrate “exceptional teachers and teaching”.

The ceremony will be broadcasted on Sunday at 6pm on BBC2 on ‘Britain Classroom Heroes’. The programme will reveal more information about Michelle’s contribution and inspirational work which gained her the award.

Michealle was nominated as someone to whom award must be conferred upon by the students, parents and colleagues from her school.

Michael Morpurgo, Children’s Author and new President of the Pearson’s Teaching Awards said “By telling their stories, by highlighting their skill and dedication, we can do some justice to them and to the whole profession. Through the Teaching Awards, we hope to enhance the reputation and value of the teacher s in our lives, their importance in our society, and thus help to encourage the most talented and committed young people to become teachers.”

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