Red Tapism Dissuading Teachers Overseas To Pursue Teaching in New Zealand


Red tapism, prevalent in Auckland, is forcing international teachers to take a ticket back to their hometowns. British teacher Andrew Yiallourous began his teaching career nine years back when he moved to New Zealand with his wife. For him, the process of registration was an uphill task.

It consumed several months and cost hundreds of dollars for getting his teaching experience and qualifications verified. After several months of registration hassle when Andrew finally managed to get a job in Auckland intermediate school through a recruiter, he found that the salary offered to him was that of an untrained and unqualified one. Moreover, he was informed that it would take one year for him to reach the salary of a trained and qualified teacher.

With the salary he is supposed to manage the sustenance of two more people other than himself. Struggling to manage his family’s sustenance and the increasing debt, he has decided to leave Auckland by the end of the year.

He said "I am so gutted. I have spent the last six months, you know, investing in being here and making a life here and doing everything that I can to make this work, and yeah, my dream has died.”

He says that the qualification process is time taking as well as costly and this is the reason why most are dissuaded from moving to Auckland.

The Ministry of Education deputy secretary Ellen MacGregor Reid said that the tedious process of overseas teaching in New Zealand creates frustration among teachers and thus needs to be improved.