Top UG Courses in Australian Unis


Australia, with its friendly immigration laws, world class educational facility as well as better living conditions, has been a favourite hub for students wishing to study abroad. With the globalization, advent of international schools and better information channels, students are now looking for abroad options for their under-graduation degrees as well. And Australia keeps the pace in its ranking as a choice for study abroad destination even for under-graduate degree programs.

As per the data collected by Shiksha Study Abroad, the trends for Universities in Australia have shown consistency with the subject choices. Simplifying the data numbers for you, we present the list of top choices of students planning their bachelors from Australia.

1 Business Administration

Australian Universities, offer bachelor courses in Business Administration and have option that make graduating from a bachelor to a master’s degree easy for international students. The course attracts a healthy set of students looking to explore their options in Australia and gaining an international business education right from the under-graduate level.

2 Mechanical Engineering

No surprises there. Mechanical Engineering continues to be a favourite for students in India. And rightly so. One of the foremost branches of engineering, Mechanical Engineering open up a wide avenue of opportunities for students interested in design and product development. With limited seats in India, no wonder the course attracts the maximum number of students.

3 Civil Engineering

Engineering courses make a comeback with civil engineering, attracting student to reach out to Australian universities. The course is offered by a large number of universities and has a steady international student strength from a large number of nations.

4 Information Technology

Information Technology is big in Australia. With many universities in Australia offering Bachelors in Information Technology even to students from a non-science background (read more), no wonder the course attracts a large number of students to explore their options of continuing with technical education and gaining a widely coveted degree.

5 Aviation

Aviation is perhaps one of the late entrants in the listing but has shown an incredible number of responses from students. An elaborate course structure, many job opportunities as well as the lack of specialized aviation courses in the country make this a rather strong contender for the top courses to study in Australia.