US State Department of Higher Education Offers College credit in Uni


In the session 2016-17, more than 68,000 high school students got enrolled in the Ohio college classes. The students saved a hefty amount of $144 million collectively on the cost of higher education.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education divulged information about the College credit program where the state pays for the classes. Students can get themselves enrolled into any of the Ohio public college or any partaking private college in order to avail the cut-rate tuition fees. Either the classes are held on at their high school, on the college campus or online.

The higher education department said that in the first year more than 54,000 students got enrolled in the classes and saved $120 million.

As the third year of the program began, the colleges reported a high number of students had gotten themselves enrolled in these classes.

"I'm pleased to see that more college-ready students are taking advantage of the opportunity offered by College Credit Plus," said the Chancellor John Carey. He further added that this program opens opportunities in front of the students of Ohio to jump start to their futures while saving a lot of tuition expenses. He said the aim of College credit program is to make available to the students a pathway towards a career which does not take a toll on their budget. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here