Why Australian Universities Are Wooing Overseas Students From Decades?


Australia has become a hot-selling foreign destination for education among the Indian students. Don’t be surprised if every fifth Indian student you speak to, has Australia in his mind as a priority study-destination in abroad. Keeping away the undesirable circumstances, it holds the place of being one of most the sought after destinations for students desirous of studying abroad.

Although there still remains certain points which need to be thoroughly considered before you decide to move to Australia in order to pursue your education.

Best Courses in Australia

As a matter of fact, after China India is topping the list when it comes to students the highest number of enrolment of students in Australian Institutes. According to the Student Enrolment Data 2015, the number was 72,504. In fact, if we exclusively talk about the Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses Indians add up to the highest pool of applicants entering the country to study.

Most Indians are inclined towards courses such as business and management degree programs, accounting, healthcare, IT, Hotel Management and MBA.

Average Salary after studying in Australia

According to the government statistics, the graduates from Australian Universities bagged jobs with an initial salary of AU$52,000 to 55,000 (INR 26,20,921 to 27,72,128) in 2014. In today’s times it can go up to AU$70,000 (INR 35,281,63) as well.

It highly depends on an individual’s skill set and command over English language. Such skills turn out to brighten the chances of a student in landing a white/blue collar job after the completion of the respective courses. Besides, networking also plays an important role.

Benefits of Australian Education

Excellent international exposure, a diverse cultural interaction and strong statement for the CV are some out of the many advantages that one receives of studying in Australia.

It has an ample amount of high ranking universities in the world which offer a number of high-quality courses, which the country can boast about. Surly, study in Australia can be expensive but there are several scholarship opportunities so as to lower the expenses of the students. Moreover, the country has a strong presence of Asian community which makes it easier for the Indian students.