Luis Miguel Bermudez, a Teacher who designed curriculum for Sex Education


What makes a great teacher? This question is already a big one for thinkers in the education sector. Considering mastery of their subject or building responsible citizens of their nation? Having a touch in their personal growth as well? What will we count as a basic quality for a great teacher?

Luis Miguel Bermudez

Having these thoughts in mind we should look around for those teachers who’re not just teaching their subject but uplifted the lives of their students simultaneously. Bill Gates announced that Luis Miguel Bermúdez, a teacher at the Gerardo Paredes School in Bogotá, was chosen for his work in the reduction of teenage pregnancies.

Curriculum for Sex-education

Luis Miguel Bermadez was awarded the 2017 Master Share Award for the design of a curricular plan for sex education in the Gerardo Paredes school, in the town of Suba in Bogotá, to generate teaching approaches relevant to the lives of students and strengthen and exercise human, sexual and reproductive rights.

In 2014, he began to change the school curriculum. He integrated the teaching of sexual citizenship and a new approach to diversity. The objectives of this curriculum proposal were fivefold. With this strategy, he managed to confront and reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy to zero in this school, which up to then had about 70 girls pregnant each year.

President Juan Manuel Santos, on his Twitter account, praised Professor Luis Miguel Bermadez, who designed a curricular sex education plan that reduced the number of pregnancies at his school to zero. In 2010, Luis went to teach at the Gerardo Paredes School. The school is in one of the poorest areas of Bogota, rife with gun violence, poverty, and sexual abuse.

The neighborhood and family environment there presented a series of problems related to early pregnancy, sexual and gender-based violence, and discrimination based on sexual orientation. He was struck from the beginning by a large number of teenage pregnancies and the constant bullying of students who did not fit the culturally accepted models of masculinity and femininity.

Faced with this scenario, he decided to dedicate himself to solving this problem. He met the challenge on three levels: education for sexuality, the exercise of sexual and reproductive human rights in adolescents and young people; and the curriculum itself. For his work, Luis was recognized as Best Teacher of Colombia in 2017.

Global Teacher Prize

This award, already in its fourth edition, awards 1 million dollars and has the objective of recreating the exemplary task of millions of educators around the world. The Colombian, along with the other finalists, were selected from more than 30 thousand applications and nominations from 173 countries.

The Global Teacher Prize, known as the Nobel Prize for Education, is an award created to recognize the outstanding contribution of the most outstanding teacher of the year to the profession and to underline the importance of the role of teachers in society. Bill Gates paid a valuable tribute to the work of teachers around the world.

"When you think about what drives progress and development in the world, education is a key factor, which opens up many opportunities for countless people and societies. Research has shown that having a great teacher can become the most important element that determines when a student receives a good education. The finalists have been selected based on a set of rigorous criteria, including the demonstrated effectiveness in inspiring their students and helping them learn."

"Equally relevant is the fact that these teachers and leaders have innovated in the classroom and have oriented their colleagues. They have demonstrated the kind of collaboration (the joint work of teachers and educational institutions) that can give students the opportunity to receive a great education," he added further.

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