School of Fun! These Teachers are Teaching with Music, Sports & Dance


By conducting internet research & through sufficient research over experimental teaching methods, school teachers have now started using more moving & kinesthetic approaches for teaching math, science, and languages. There are some teachers in the country who use to teach in many interesting ways. Today, we are sharing stories about such teachers.

Some teachers feel that sports, dance or music creates a bad effect on a child's education, but in reality, these are all interconnected. Many teachers experimented at their level and found that the children learn more by teaching with participatory methods. If just boring text would be thrown upon them, then it might be possible that students won't be able to connect immediately with the syllabus.

A Kashmiri Teacher integrated Tambourine beats with Lessons

You can watch him in this twitter post. Feel the level of enjoyment & participation among students from his classroom.

Classes from DD National's program 'Taranga'

Generation from the 80s and 90s will remember this program by Arvind Sir. Who used to give lessons of basic science in different ways. Now he's accessible with his YouTube Channel.

Awesome Ways to Learn Math Tables with Dance

This open classroom is all that every school kid dreams about. Children don't want to be in cage kinda classrooms. They'll learn more if we let them free. Watch this video, how kids are learning math tables through dance steps.

Teaching under the open sky will always remain a student's favorite classroom ambiance. Apart from it they just want the freedom to express, explore & participate. Teach them in possible new ways & see the difference in their behavior.

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