The Incredible story of Imran Khan


What would be your first reaction when the prime minister of India Narendra Modi would mention you and congratulate for the achievements a teacher.

Imran Khan couldn't believe it as well when a representative of the government of India called and told that the prime minister mentioned about him in his speech in London's Wembley Stadium. Imran Khan was pretty unknown then until the government of India discovered the great service he is doing for the nation. He now has Wikipedia page in his name, check- Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is a mathematics teacher in the Sanskrit Education Department and a self-taught computer programmer. He has created more than 50 Apps on education and check the link to the app here.- Apps by Imran Khan - Imran has no formal education in computers, so he first learnt to operate on computers and then getting into App development. It is a slow process and he began in 2005 with the website development.

He designed a website – – general knowledge-related questions and answers. He didn't know how popular these websites were, last month when he integrated and ran google analytics he figured out that he has 0.25 million page views on the website. Though he has created many websites but manages only two – and

The incredible journey began when his brother got a job in Gurgaon in a software firm leaving all his books at home. He started learning HTML, building websites from the books and started doing research on Google on how things worked. Slowly and steadily things started shaping up. It so happened then the DM of Alwar, Mr. Ashutosh AT Pednekar, stumbled upon Imran's website and he was called for designing a website for the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET).

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During the discussions, Ashutosh Pednekar asked Imran to develop apps. Till now Imran has no Idea what apps are and how it worked. He started working post discussions and by 2012, he published his first app the NCERT Learn Science – for the Class 9 students.

His Apps collection is for the school students mostly and include Apps like Hindi Grammar, Social Science Class 10, Science in Hindi Class 10, NCERT 10th All Subject [Hindi Medium], मुहावरे और लोकोक्तियाँ, Hindi Literature and more.

He developed his Apps in Hindi and that's the medium of education in government schools in Rajasthan, UP, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand and more. He is not an inspiration to all the teachers across India and Globe.

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