Basics of School Life, Teamed up with Quotes


We can't do anything without them, as they're the most basic subjects in our lives. Every subject is related to one or the other functions from our daily life. So, we learn to better ourselves - to become all we can, to realize our potential.

Have you ever felt like an outsider in a conversation because you didn't have a clue about Pushkin's influence on Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy? Have you ever hidden your ignorance about history, agreeing without knowing when conversation turned to Henry VIII and the reformation, or James II's complex relation with parliament? A good, broad education is an asset for a lifetime: it is not just a key to open the doors of various professions, but a social resource, enabling you to mix with many people. The world itself is a more interesting place to the educated person. Taking this note as a remark, we bring some simplistic yet basics of basic subjects. Read & share these amazing quotes with your fellow teachers, classmates & others:

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