The Significance of Research in the Growth of a Society


It does not seem important to convey the significance of research in the growth of a society. A growth-oriented society gives due importance to research and leaves no stone unturned to create an ambiance where growth can prosper.

In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly adapting and call for new things and better ways to accomplish things. Which is why we cannot play fast and loose in carrying out research which is the only way to get the things that we want, without it our demands would completely go unrecognized. The idea of research takes birth with the curiosity which is something we all have.

As a human we are inquisitive, we question things and then we want to know all that there is to know. So what comes next? The research. Curiosity fuels research and it paves the way for prosperous society. To garner knowledge is actually to thrive. Without research, the growth of the society would not be by leaps and bounds and our lives would be completely altered. The significance of research in the advancement of the society is unquestionable.

Imagine when people after staring at the dark sky would have first asked the question why it was dark and not any other color? Actually, that question opened the window of knowledge about the space. We are a civilized society today with ample knowledge and tools to move forward but it is a consequence of persistent and tireless research carried out by man and women for years.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to us if we were to bring that research to a standstill? We would become unaware. Our process to probe into new things will stop and we would not further our minds to the understanding of our surroundings. Without research, we will not move and could not go forward. Without research, society will turn into a bunch of thoughtless people simply trying to compensate for the things they do not know.

Even the notion to leave this world without knowing the things we wanted to know send chills down the spine. We can say with our head high that we are close to finding the solutions of life-threatening and incurable diseases that have claimed the lives of too many. It is with the help of research we could find the most Eco-friendly way to light up our homes and offices. Even though bees are not our favorite but with research, we could know that they do a job that helps us all. There is also no second opinion that research has impossibly increased our longevity of life.

Research helps us explore unchartered waters and there are millions of things that have yet to be discovered. There are species that have yet to be found. There are waters that have yet to be explored. There are diseases that have yet to be cured. Anything is possible with research.

It is human nature to inquire about the things they do not know so it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are genetically programmed to carry out research on new things and unveil the mysteries that surround us. This generation is even more curious and with schools becoming more and more concerned with science and technology, research is finding its place in the minds of students. Children of all ages are eager to be the one to invent the next big thing. They are ready and are even excited to research in their field of interest. Our society shouldn’t be worried about not moving forward. We’re going places, one research paper at a time.

Researchers since ages know that research is the stepping stone to a civilized and a prosperous society so we can say, that “The Significance of Research in the Growth of a Society."

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