Top 5 Qualities of a Good Researcher


Does a researcher thinks like us or do they possess specific qualities that make them excel in the field of scientific inquiry? Can anybody be a good researcher? This article will help you find out if you have qualities a good researcher must have.

1. A good researcher is an information seeker

A good researcher understands that a research is not carried out on the basis of surmises and conjectures so he shows an open mind about things. He religiously counts on the philosophy of “thinking beyond the box” and embraces innovative thinking.
Two hundred years back, an idea to explore the depths of the sea or go to the moon would be inconceivable for people. Who would have thought to get connected with their near and dear ones just tapping on the keys of the cell phone?

2. A good researcher keenly watches things around him/her

An observant attitude helps develop keenness. A good researcher is capable enough to see something more out of a common occurrence around him. And he sees this instantly.
He can see beautiful color combinations of a wild plant or a wiggling worm inside a flower.

3. A good researcher likes to chew over anything he/she encounters

Knowledge gathered either formally in school or through experience help gain insights. Through insights, the original idea is born. Insightful person minds are bristling with creative thoughts which help them discover something amazing.

4. A good researcher has unique abilities to express their ideas

A good researcher must also be adept at writing as it won’t be possible for you to express your thoughts if you cannot write. People should easily understand what you write. A handful of gifted people can express their ideas explicitly and if you find that you are weak in this realm, you should certainly seek the help of some expert.

5. A good researcher is adept at assessing situations and adopts a systematic approach

The research relies on systematic and objective thinking to arrive at something. A good researcher, therefore, always applies logical reasoning. He can examine things which means he can effectively break down a complex situation into manageable bits that he can focus his attention on. Do you possess these qualities? If not, then it’s time for you to hone your skills through training and continues learning.

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