Welsh Government’s Step To Cure Mental Illness At The School Level


Children dealing with mental and emotional issues are likely to receive professional assistance from a team of experts. The Welsh government has taken an initiative according to which on-site help will be accessible to the students. The pilot initiative will be implemented in more than 200 schools of Welsh.

In an attempt to look after the children suffering from mental illness, the Welsh government took this decision. The decision points towards a disturbing fact. A recently published report states that half of the primary school teachers don’t feel adequately trained enough to be able to deal with the mental health issues of children.

The NHS data shows that “girls and young women” in England are facing “gathering crises” while dealing with issues such as conflict with friend, anxiety about their body image and peer pressure created by social media.

The Welsh government said that its aims to execute the initiative in 28 secondary schools, six middle schools, one-ninety schools and in three pilot areas north east, south west and west Wales. Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) practitioners will be recruited in order to look after the children.

The strategy is to provide teachers with on-site aid and advice in order to make sure the students suffering from any form of mental ailment receive early help from trained staff. Although the government is very vague about the number of staff to be recruited.

Vaughan Gething, the Health Secretary said that one in every fourth person experiences depression at some point in their lives; hence it becomes extremely important to provide the right treatment at an early age so as to preclude long-term negative impacts.

The pilot initiative is to begin by the end of 2017 and conclude by 2020. The results will be assessed and later a nation-wide blanket program might be launched.

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