12 Things That Your Parents Do For You That You Are Going To Miss


Parents are the backbone of every child. Right from the birth of a child till their death, parents take care of each and every need of their newborn.

They make sure that their child grows up in the protected and safe environment. When adults become parents they were at a younger age, they even didn't know how to take proper care of the child, but when a child is born they try their best to take care of their new-born.

From changing the diapers of their new-born until their death, they accept every new habit of the child. Even when their child becomes an adult and disturbs them, they try to help him/her in the best possible way. Their only wish for their child is that their child remains happy wherever and however he/she is. And when the child demands too much from them, they become angry for some time but still bless him/her in prayers. But a child fails to understand that, every parent is different yet unique. But the wish of every parent is that their child remains happy always and no harm in the world could touch their child. Still Children judge, they dont want themselves to be compared with anyone but they compare their parents with other friend's parents.

Sometimes, our parents can be super annoying and can drive us crazy, but other times they help us out in ways that we don't often think about. Only when we don't have this help do we realize how much they do for us on a daily basis. Here is a list of things that parents do that we are going to miss when you leave home.

1. They Make Your Bed

Sometimes you come home and into your room and you see a perfectly made bed with new sheets and everything. You think, "Thanks mysterious bed-making fairy!" when it is actually just your mom or dad. When you get to college, you realize the bed-making fairy doesn't come by anymore and you wonder what happened or what you did to upset it.

2. They Do Your Laundry

Almost like the bed, your dirty clothes just seem to get washed just in time for when you need them. In college, dirty clothes pile up and you have to take them to the washing machine yourself and figure out how to work it because you never had to use one at home. This is definitely something you miss about living with parents.

3. They Make Dinner Or Snacks

A lot of times you're just too lazy to get up and get yourself some food so you say, "Mooom, can you bring me some chips?" or a sandwich, or anything, really. Of course, she comes through and brings you the food. There is also always a meal prepared for dinner so you know you never have to go anywhere to be fed. Your parents make sure you have something to eat if you plan on being home for dinner.

4. They Help With Homework

If you're ever stuck on a math problem, or can't figure out what the author is trying to say in an article, your parents are often times willing to help. Your dad will sit down with you for hours until you understand algebra, and your mom will read through your essay five times if you want her to. At college, you don't have that easy access. Yes, you do have a writing center and many other resources and people who can assist you, but having a parent who may be able to help in such close quarters is much easier.

5. They Give You Money

Often times, if you want to do something fun or go out with friends, you have to pay for it yourself. However, if you ever happen to be short on cash and just can't get the money, your parents will give you some money so you can go out. Sometimes they want you to pay them back, but other times, if you're lucky, they'll just let you take it. At college, there is no one who can give you money when times are tough.

6. They Listen To You

If you're having a bad day, a great day, or if you just have to tell your mom what Michelle said about John, your parents are always there with open ears. Even if they don't care what you're talking about, they will pretend to seem interested for your sake. They are always willing to listen to what you have to say and will be there to support you. You will probably have friends that can listen to your stories as well, but no one can replace your parents.

7. They Clean Your Bathroom

When the shower starts to get gross, or when you notice that your brother missed the toilet and peed all over the floor, your parents come to the rescue and clean the bathroom for you. You are the one who made the bathroom gross in the first place, so you should have to be the one to clean it, but no. Your mom or dad will do it for you, and you are really going to miss that because the bathrooms in college are not like home.

8. They Clean Your Bedroom

Sometimes your room gets really messy or dusty, but your parents help to clean it up. Sometimes they'll put away your clothes if the pile of laundry is getting out of control, and sometimes they'll dust and vacuum the floor for you. At college, cleaning, and keeping things clean, is your responsibility.

9. They Drive You Places

For years until you got your license, your parents would take you anywhere you needed to go. Now that you have your license, they let you take their car if you need it. Not everyone has a car on campus at college, so you're going to miss the easy transportation.

10. They Let You Cry On Them

Your parents are always there as a shoulder to cry on if you're feeling down after a bad day and you just need to let it all out. There are never any judgements on why you're crying, and if you don't want to talk about it, they will just sit there quietly while you have your moment.

11. They Make Sure The Fridge Is Stocked

Similar to making sure that you have food for dinner, your parents will make sure there is plenty of food in the fridge or pantry so you can help yourself whenever you need a snack. At college, if you want a stocked fridge, you have to go out and buy things for yourself. Your parents aren't able to do it for you.

12. They Tell You How To Do Things

One of the best things about parents is that they know how things work and how to do a lot of stuff. If you have a question about anything from banking and money management, to how to remove stains, your parents will have an answer. Sure, you can always text your mom or dad if you have a question at college, but you won't have access to their wisdom as easily as you would if you were at home.

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