5 Latest Fashion & Health Tips for Teachers


Teaching may have looked all fun and games during our childhood - scolding students, checking notebooks and writing on the blackboard. We better know now that it is one of the most demanding job in the world.

Looking good is one another task for teachers with maintaining soberly good looks yet to remain modern. Teachers can experiment with colors and fabrics, but they should keep their look classy and stylish. Young students always looked up to their teachers for defining personal and professional attributes. So, let's hear some tips for maintaining good health and having a superb classy look in schools.

Take Care of Your Voice

Drink plenty of water. Water not just lubricates vocal cords, but it also hydrates the body. Make it sure you sip slightly warm water not the chilled one. Take rest during the length of the day while you're teaching in classrooms. You can give some task to students and engage students in activities.

Take Care of your Back

Sitting by long working hours You must always maintain a correct posture while you sit or even stand. Lon standing hours and taking rounds in classrooms can take a toll on your backbones. Keep your shoulders relaxed whenever you are standing otherwise you'll feel strain and heaviness in your body. Maintaining a correct posture is very important so that you can play a long innings in your career.

A Walk daily will give you a Glowing Skin

Avoiding junk food, meeting friends and family, reading and surfing about all unrelated teaching stuff and a good number of squats/pushups/lunges & crunches is THE MOST important for teachers. All these little steps will reflect in your personality, skin as well as in your behavioral moods.

Choose Happy Colors in classroom

Children easily get charged up when they see something and instantly react upon it. Even a color can change their mood. So, go for light shades yet bright in tone. Avoid dull and boring shades. Men can try cuffing's to give a slight bump in regular formal wears. Women can also experiment with layering their clothes by jackets or stoles in winters and multiple clothing formats (Skirts, sarees, palazzos, trousers with tuck in shirts etc.) in summers.

Accessories are important to catch the attention

Statement Jewelry is something which can easily get noticed by fellow teachers and students. Single strap with pearls in form of earing, ring or chain can give you the elegance. They should wear a smart leather watch and platform heels/shoes. Teachers from preschool or primary classes can try funky or trendy stuff more frequently rather than other teachers. Middle, secondary or higher secondary teachers need to look more professional.

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