5 Worst Things To Say To Your Students As a Teacher


Your words can either make or mar a student’s trust and confidence in you. A reckless unfeeling word can go a long way in impacting upon your student. And then there are words which can have such deleterious effects that it should never be spoken to any student.

  1. “I know this may seem pointless but we have to get through it...”

This statement is more often than not used by teachers as a means to pacify students while dealing with the bland and uninteresting parts of the curriculum. Although it doesn’t necessarily affect a student’s psyche, it kills the fervor of learning even before the lesson has begun to be taught. Instead, gloss it over and sell it to your kids.

2.“I don’t know what I’m doing…”

Students look up to you as someone who is a responsible and professional grown-up. Revealing that you are confused and hapless, erodes the safe and trustful environment required for a student’s learning. Students perceive it as a frazzled state of mind. “

3.“The other class did well with this. What’s wrong with you guys?”

Comparing the students of your class negatively to the other class will only demotivate them. Any kind of negative comparison should be avoided at all costs. Teachers should encourage the students and make them feel like they are important. Comparisons only erode the self-esteem of students.

4.“You will never be able to (……).”

You never really know the true potential of a student. Whether a student can become a crime scene investigator, pass the Calculus exam or read Ulysses, you never can tell. Making such a comment only works against the achievement.

5.“I get paid whether (…..) or not”

These are words spoken out of frustration and annoyance. The students perceive that the teacher is least bothered about them. There cannot be a more damaging comment than this one.