The Most Memorable Day of My School


It will be a little hard for me to pick one day from my school life as the most memorable, as almost every day from those 15 years is something I treasure.

Nevertheless, if I were to pick one, I would say it is the day when I was selected as the school prefect. To be honest, it was a bolt in the blue and a little unsettling, yet an incredible feeling.

I always thought there are others more deserving than me. I was a shy teen. Though not very good with words, but good grades and active extracurricular participation probably worked in my favour. I also use to partake in sports like Cricket, Football and Badminton. My fine performances even got me a chance in the school team. I guess donning the school jersey made me a little popular among teachers and the other students.

When our principal Mr. Dixit, announced my name in the assembly as one of the school prefects, I literally went numb for the next few seconds. To go to the podium and stand in front of all these students, it was no less than dodging a bullet for me. Amidst all those clapping and cheering, I still don’t know how I managed my way up there.

To be chosen as the class monitor the very next day would seem like an icing on the cake. But if asked to manage what was regarded as one of the loudest classes in the school, I’m pretty sure there’d be a few who would look forward to the task.

Now if you’re wondering why do I regard this day as the most memorable from my school life? The answer is pretty simple mate. This was the day I started believing in myself. All that nervousness was a thing of the past now. I was fueled with self-assurance. I had discovered a new zing for life. The journey of becoming a strong and confident man from an introverted teen had begun.

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