Attempts Ought to be Made Towards Presenting Teaching As An Intellectually Appealing Profession In England


Andreas Schleicher, the head of education at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development asserts that to make the teaching profession â??intellectually appealingâ? in England is a much more challenging task than to solve the low pay scale of the teachers.

One of the approach to make the teaching profession more interesting could be by working with students not just inside the classroom spaces but even outside of the classroom. However, Scheicher said that he does not intent that classroom teaching be completely substituted with the administrative functions.

Addressing to a press conference in London he said that in various other countries teachers focus on working with the fellow compeers and parents of the pupils, on designing out the lesson plans and on observing the lectures and teaching techniques of the other teachers.

Indicating towards the data of Finland, he said that the country doesnâ??t pay its teachers any more than Britain pays its teachers and yet there are nine people who apply for every teaching post in Finland. The reason being the teaching vocation is perceived as an interesting job in Finland.

He further added that in England, teaching is still practised in its traditional industrial model where a teacher spends all of his time teaching. He considers Japanese and the Finnish model as a more professional model because they are more pacing fast towards professionalism.

In UK, the challenge is more about making teaching a â??financially appealingâ? vocation to be pursued, he said.