Become a Teacher, Without Having to touch Academics


Many education experts have acknowledged the importance of teaching non-academic skills to children in schools. Non-academic skills are crucial for the healthy growth of a child. Yet, non-academic subjects like dance, music, art and craft etc are the ones which get skimped over amidst academics in most of the schools. These skills are not only important life skills but are also a requisite for better performance of a student in academics. Since the educators and schools are coming to realize the significance of these non-academic skills, there is a growing need for teachers and instructors to inculcate these skills among school children. Here are several ways to get into non-academic teaching:

To Become a Music Teacher

Studies show that children who are indulged in learning music possess a broader vocabulary and have better reading skills than the ones who don’t. Music teachers are sought-after by many schools. One who wants to teach music must possess a bachelor’s degree in music. Holding a bachelor’s degree in music entitles one to teach at elementary and secondary levels. People with a master’s degree in music education can apply for jobs such as music education supervisor, Music researcher, music therapist etc.

To Become An Art Teacher

In order to become an art teacher, one needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in Art. In fact, students can also become an art teacher by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in art and then completing a teacher education program. An art teacher ought to have the knowledge about a wide variety of styles and subjects of art. An art teacher is expected to know oil painting, watercolour, clay, charcoal and other different art mediums. Moreover, to practice teaching art in school, one needs to obtain a teacher’s certification as well. Most public and private schools prefer certified art teachers.

To Become a Yoga Teacher

A yoga teacher is expected to make students learn poses and the correct yoga forms. Thus it becomes extremely important for a yoga instructor to be physically fit. A yoga instructor is also expected to have good communication skills in order to motivate the students. A certification from a recognized institution is also required.

To Become a Trained Dance Teacher

In order to become a trained dance teacher, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in dance education. Moreover, a dance certification is also required to pursue teaching dance forms. To earn a teacher certification, dance education and a dance internship is mandatory. A dance teacher is expected to be physically fit.

To Become A Calligraphy Teacher

Fine arts Courses are helpful to learn the basics of calligraphy. It helps to learn scripts, style, font, depth, strokes, methods and techniques. Thus, studies in fine arts, visual arts prove to be quite helpful if you want to pursue a career in calligraphy. Calligraphy course covers a wide variety of subjects such as Alphabetic Study, Study Cursive Style, Freehand Creative Writing, Writing with brush, writing with corquel etc. It makes for an apt career option in the creative field. A calligraphy teacher is expected to work in different mediums, colours and designing softwares.