Best Resources for New Teachers


Teaching is a noble profession. What are our first memories which we associate with this career? That eduactors are calm, mature & they've huge patience to deal with critical situations in classroom. But actually, teachers specially who are new to this profession get nervous at the time of new sessions. We're discussing this issue in between of acedemic year just to help those who are about to start their teaching career in a few months.

The start of the school year is an anxious time for new teachers. And in these first few weeks of classes, those of you are just new to teaching probably have plenty of questions. Luckily there's a wealth of information at BEYOND TEACHING that will help these first few weeks run as smoothly as possible.

Engage students in classroom

Student disengagement is a major challenge for middle school teachers, says educator and researcher Jennifer A. Fredricks, who offers strategies to build classroom community and craft learning opportunities that encourage students to actively participate and succeed.

Create opportunities for parents

Not all parents can commit to an ongoing role in the classroom (e.g., as parent liaison) or even to a daylong field trip. Diversify the ways parents can participate and offer opportunities that pose a minimal or one-time commitment, such as a neighborhood walk, helping with dismissal, or organizing class materials in the morning. How about a midday 30-minute art project? Make parents feel welcome and let them know they possess a skill that is useful to you and the class. This will encourage more participation, and soon you'll be telling families you don't have room on the next field trip.

Give students time to brainstorm

It can be disheartening to see the same hands raised over and over again. And it's frustrating for the kids who feel they don't have a chance to gather their thoughts before you call on the first student to raise his or her hand. When you ask a question, give your students some time to "turn and talk" to a neighbor so they can brainstorm together. Or have kids write down their ideas on clipboards. This encourages everyone to partake in the discussion.

Don't be afraid to steal like a Teacher

Teacher Jose Vilson adapts some advice from the bestselling book "Steal Like an Artist" to the teaching profession. It's the age of the remix, he says. "Our world holds a ton of inspiration, and if we can steal it in the right way, we might make something new." The best teachers do this act & it always helps their pupils for better understanding with countless examples to relate.

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