Can Lesser Students Claim Their Right to Education Owing to Overcrowding Secondary Schools?


The number rises even higher than half when it comes to schools which are either filled up to the brim or are overflowing with students in the seventh year.

Data collected from more than a 100 school premises of UK shows that the number of schools grappling with the number of students has gone up to 53% than that of 44% in 2015.

The study also shows that not just in the seventh Year but 40% of the secondary schools of UK have reached the saturation point in accommodating the requisite number of students.

Both the figures of the Liberal Democrats followed by that of the Local government Association shows that 1,25,000 students stand at the risk of losing place in their respective schools.

Layla Moran, Liberal Democrat Shadow Liberal Education Secretary called that situation as a “growing school places crises” where the teachers are overworked and schools overcrowding. To tackle the situation she said that her team is would allocate 7 bn pounds expand the school places to ensure that each child gets decently educated.

The finding of the study also shows that Rutland is facing the worst of it with the highest figures of overcapacity in secondary schools which is 86%. Concerns were also raised regarding the lack of choice among state schools in the Rutland area.

Roger Outwin Flinders, headmaster of Brooke Priory Schools said that the government should reconsider its educational strategy.