Cognitive Development and its Gravity in Teaching


A child's brain is capable of grasping new information faster than a grown-up's brain. The question remains, are we training their brains to the best of our capabilities? It is important for the teachers to understand the significance of cognitive development in a student's life.

The Importance of Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills help children think, learn, read, reason, and remember. Every cognitive skill plays an essential role in processing new information. One way of improving a child's cognitive skills is to encourage them to raise questions and find solutions to those questions by themselves. When a child succeeds at finding solutions, it gives them a stronger sense of self-worth. Teachers must encourage the child to think out-of-the-box and come up with creative ideas to tackle any problem. Every child is entitled to his/her own problem-solving technique. Try to put them in real life scenarios to see how they react to it and the kind of solutions they come up with. It might come as a surprise and they might manage to offer a creative yet feasible solution.

It's always a good idea for the parents to take their child for interesting trips to places like art exhibitions, museums, and library. This might help stimulate the child's curiosity and sense of wonder. With such real life, hands-on experience during these trips, the child will be able to explore and learn more. Playing games like memory games, puzzles, build with blocks, etc., will trigger new ideas and thoughts, and also help with the development of cognitive skills in children.

Developing cognitive skills requires a lot of attention from the teachers. These skills are substantial in today'world, which is why it's worth the efforts. Developing cognitive skills in your student is important for a lot of reasons.

  1. It helps the child stay focused on a given task for a sustained period of time.
  2. It helps them with multitasking. Cognitive skills let the child gather and remember information while performing multiple tasks at once.
  3. It lets the child maintain long term memory and helps them recall information stored in the past.
  4. It promotes logical reasoning and helps train the child's brain. This makes it easier for the child to form ideas and solve problems.
  5. Visual Processing - These skills are responsible for our capability to think in visual images. Cognitive skills help children in remembering what they’ve read, following directions, and doing word math problems.
  6. These skills also enable the child to perform tasks quickly and accurately.
  7. Cognitive skills help draw inferences from the pattern of events. If there is a recurring problem, like a math problem or a real life problem, these skills enable the child to notice the pattern in these problems and resolve them effectively.

Development of cognitive skills can be the key to efficient learning process. It will not only help the child in effectively grasping new information, but also enable them to recall previously learned information.

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