Cooperative Learning: One of the most effective methods of learning


Teachers face numerous challenges in a classroom, always trying to ensure their teaching methods are effective enough. There’s one teaching technique to overcome these challenges, which is cooperative learning. Making students work in groups will help them develop skills which are difficult to acquire through other methods.

1. Uplifting their self-esteem: Some students might be less confident as they fear making mistakes in front of others. Teachers must encourage these students to participate in group activities, using small group settings, instead of making them speak in front of the whole class.
2. Students' engagement: Students' engagement in learning and teachers’ engagement in teaching are equally important for the student. Group discussions and similar activities help increase the student engagement level.
3. Leadership: Students get to learn about leadership and expressing their ideas with the objective of convincing others to follow those ideas.
4. Creativity: Students tend to be more creative while interacting with other students and sharing their ideas with them.
5. Sense of belongingness: Working together on a task, encourages students to feel more involved, and helps promote a sense of belongingness amongst them.
6. Teamwork and positive diplomacy: Such interactive sessions will definitely teach students to work in a team and learn more in the process. Students will learn how to handle conflicts or a difference in opinion.

Cooperative brain storming sessions can also be made an integral part of classroom teaching. Students can share the knowledge they already have and support their peers in acquiring skills that are difficult to acquire otherwise.
Most of the work done in a classroom is done individually. However, the best way of learning is through experience and interactive sessions where students can actually contribute.
It can be challenging to monitor the outcomes of these sessions but they are ultimately more beneficial for the students' learning. Children think being social only means being active on social media. These sessions will teach them about the importance of face-to-face interaction and prepare them for real life challenges as well.

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